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Have You Optimized your Social Media Use?

Facebook is a fun website to visit; you can chat with your friends, play games, post funny images, and simply keep up with what your friends are doing. For this reason, over 600 million people have flocked to Facebook to find out what the buzz is all about. And because of this huge following, you ought to consider using this website to market your brand and business name, if you haven’t already. And if you have, have you optimized your social media use? Social media marketing services are an effective tool for helping others know about what you do online, and what services you have to offer. You should learn today how to use them effectively to get more clicks to your website, and more customers for your products.

Using Social Media More Effectively

First, you want to always use keywords. This is essential to helping others find out what you do, what you have to sell, and what your services are. This is also the best way for people to figure out what kinds of services you offer. Also, post images of what you do and examples of the work being done. And always post links to your website; especially when you have something special going on like a sale, a contest to give away creative promotional products, or some other special event. People will gladly click the link to find out what your special event is all about. And last but not least; follow up.

Keep posting more links, and telling your audience what the results of your sale or contest were. People are curious, and they love to hear follow ups.  Because people are this curious, this can work for you when you use social media effectively and use it to market your brand effectively online.

5 Ways To Beat The Heat And Still Dress Up

If you’re taking a trip to Virginia Beach in the near future you may want to check with the Weather Channel to see what can be expected and what should be worn. Of course there are Virginia Beach specific websites that can give you a better idea of just what types of dress up ideas might be appropriate, depending of course on the occasion and season as well. For example, you wouldn’t put on dancewear to go to the beach and you wouldn’t put on formalwear to go dancing – well maybe ballroom, but you catch my drift. Below you will find 5 outfits that coordinate with certain times of year in beautiful Virginia Beach and how to beat the heat and still be stylish.



Certain Times Call For Certain Outfits

1. If you’re going to hit Virginia Beach in December for a fabulous Christmas on the beach, take a look at these temperatures and outfits usually appropriate for the beginning of December: 60s and 70s are a relatively safe bet for the daytime high so a T-shirt or short sleeved shirt could be worn with either shorts or light pants during the day. In the evening however it’s going to cool down considerably so consider either a sweater or light jacket. Precipitation is a tossup at this time of year.

2. In spring, the same T-shirt and shorts or light pants will be appropriate for stroll along the beach. Again, in the evening, a sweater or light jacket is going to be recommended.

3. As May turns to June the light jacket and sweater can be packed away for later in the year because the temperatures in Virginia Beach are exquisite. Sleeveless shirts and shorts are a must. The following section will tell you how to beat the heat but still look good during those months.

4. October - If you’re dressing up for a Halloween party at Virginia Beach you might want to take into consideration that night’s cool down quite a bit so a vest or light jacket should probably be incorporated into your costume. At the very least, long sleeves should be considered.

5. January can see a low of 32°, whereas the 4th of July could offer a gorgeous 88° day at the beach. If you search the net you should be able to find something called a ‘clothes forecast’ for practically any area in the world.


How To Beat The Heat Stylishly

If you’re taking a walk on the beach or strolling down the streets of Virginia Beach you can be sure that style can be seen at every turn. Try a few of these suggestions if you find yourself trying to beat the heat.

  • Roll up those blue jeans to just below your knees and take a quick walk through the waves.
  • Certainly you know by now, but just in case you don’t, light colors go better in hot weather than do dark.
  • The layered look may be popular but try to steer clear of it during the warmer months – you’ll just end up looking for somewhere to shed that jacket, sweater or vest.
  • Go with linen or cotton when it comes to clothing material. Try to steer clear of synthetics.
  • And remember that short shorts and sandals are good for the beach but possibly not for business lunches in the city.

A Rhinestone Cheerbow Is Perfect In Virginia Beach




My little Megan is taking a nap, and resting up for tomorrow.  There's a lot on her plate, considering she's competing in a cheer leading competition tomorrow.  She looks so peaceful, when she sleeps.  I don't know if I could sleep a week if I were in her shoes.  I was never good under pressure, where as she seems to thrive.


You Can't Go Wrong With A Rhinestones

Megan convinced her fellow cheerleaders and coach to go for rhinestone outfits.  The best part is they're going to wear a rhinestone cheerbow.  I saw a picture Megan took earlier of them all wearing them, and I had to admit they were really cute and eye-catching.  The stadium they're going to be working in has great lighting, so I can just picture them shimmering all over the place.  I'm sure everyone's going to be hypnotized by them.


She got all worked up, because on the way home from school, she lost her bow.  That's actually why she's napping right now- it was too much, and she didn't want to get hysterical the night before a competition.  The bow really does mean a lot to her, and it compliments the rest of her outfit perfectly.  Without it, she'll stick out like a sore thumb.  I wouldn't be surprised if her teammates offered to remove theirs in support, but, thankfully it's not going to come to that.


Add A Cheerbow To Your Uniform Today

See, the thing is, little does Megan know her Dad is out there getting her a replacement right now.  We managed to track down a sports outlet that had one in just the right color.  He should be back before she wakes up- I can't wait to see the look on her face.  I'm sure once the bow is back in her hands, her confidence will be through the roof!


Megan is going to look great out there at the competition in Virginia beach.  With her appearance taken care of, all she'll have to worry about is her routine, which she knows like the back of her hand.  I think it's going to be a great day for her, and I know she's going to look amazing the whole time!

Plan A Fun Halloween Party




Halloween is the absolute favorite time of year for many of us. And why not? Parties, candy, costumes, parties, scary stuff, carving pumpkins, parties, trick-or-treating... did I mention parties? One guaranteed way to have a party on your hands that’s a hit with all who attend is to make it a costume party.


Yes, Costumes Are Mandatory


Not sure if you want a costume that is really you or if you want to be someone else for the evening? By looking at a costume shop online you can see fancy dress ideas, retro costumes, inexpensive costumes, plus size costumes costumes for couples, plus size costumes, costumes for boys or for girls, costumes for men or for women, costumes for your baby or toddler and of course good old-fashioned Halloween themed costumes. Once you add costumes to the party it’s almost guaranteed that a fun time will be had by one and all.


And the more bizarre the costumes, the more fun you can have with them. Falling under the heading of fancy dress is the following: masquerade, red white and blue, quality oriented, fancy Halloween, someone famous, punk rock, ballerina, a pirate, a clown, diva, Disney oriented and royalty. Don’t forget that fancy is only as fancy as you make it.


Get Some Imagination Flowing - Set A Theme


General themes like a circus, togas, 50’s, roaring 20’s, disco, the 80’s... those are all well and good. And, if kids are involved it’s probably best to keep it simple and include plenty of games. But, if you’re throwing an adult party you might consider something that takes a little thought. How about a murder mystery dinner? Each person attending can be assigned a character and a part to play. Those wishing to dress appropriately, but just be observers are allowed to do so (we can’t all be actors). This will take some of the burden off of the decision of how to dress.


Depending on the era however, your attire may be a tad harder to find. Be prepared to make your own costume. See... told you there was imagination involved. And of course you’ll need a script. Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot... the possibilities are limitless.


Better get busy... you’re going to need time to put all of that together.

Preparing Your Car for Summer Weather

Summer is right around the corner and with the arrival of summer will come hot weather across the United States. Before hitting the roads this summer for daily commuting or road trips, every driver should get their vehicle ready for summer.

Routine Maintenance

Before the start of summer, it’s important to take your vehicle to your mechanic or dealer to have the Freon in your air conditioner recharged and have your vehicle tuned up. This tip will insure that your car or truck is ready for daily commutes and a road trip that you may be planning.

Look For Deals

If you’re planning on buying new car rims or other custom parts, you should search online first for deals before ordering in your local area because you can easily find deals on the parts that you’re searching for online and have those parts that you need shipped to your home.

Tire Maintenance

With the onset of summer, you should also take your vehicle to your local mechanic or tire store to have your tires rotated and balanced. This step is essential because it will enable you to have confidence that they are in proper running order and ready for daily commutes or road trips that you may be planning on taking and you can improve your gas mileage by as much as 4 percent.

Drive Safe

Last of all, but most important, when traveling this summer always make sure that you drive safe by practicing defensive driving tactics when you’re on the road and not drinking and driving if you plan on attending a party or a weekend getaway.


Coping With Rising Gas Prices

Coping with rising gas prices isn’t really as hard as it sounds. You have several options: by fuel efficient cars; ride a bicycle; take the bus; take the train; drive a moped or scooter (in which case you have my sympathy…and ridicule); or get a kick butt motorcycle.

If You Go With A Motorcycle

Shop for that motorcycle to your heart’s content. Whatever brand you buy, at least you’re on two wheels so don’t let people that own Harleys put you down. I have owned several, two of which are currently Harleys. After you’re done shopping and you’ve decided which motorcycle you’re going to buy get on the phone to your insurance company. Don’t even think about driving that bike off the lot until it’s insured. Though your insurance company will probably provide one if needed, you might want to consider getting to know a motorcycle accident lawyer on an up close and personal basis.


Gas Prices Aren’t Going Anywhere But Up

Let’s face it… The unrest in the Mideast isn’t getting any better; the economy isn’t really getting any better; gas prices really aren’t getting any better. Can you say ‘election time’? That aside, you have to be proactive if you’re going to get through these tough times. Do we have it as bad as they had it during the great depression? Probably not, but that’s all a matter of perception.

The government is not passing out gas rationing tickets yet, so I guess we’re OK for now.

One Day at the Virginia Races . . .

There’s every chance that if you attend at least one Kentucky Derby in your life you could witness history being made. Wikipedia, in fact, lists some amazing records that are still held today; all taking place at the big race in Virginia.

An Age Old Tradition

When it comes to racing thoroughbreds, the Derby is not quite as old as the 1831 originated Phoenix Stakes, but it’s right near the top of the list. More records have been made and broken and traditions set than at any other sporting event. Horses, jockeys, men, roses, women in hats, high fashion, high stakes betting and everyone’s favorite drink--the Mint Julep--combine to make the 2012 Kentucky Derby one of the most amazing shows of the year.

History In The Making

America’s favorite horse, Barbaro, stole then broke everyone’s heart because of a historic racing career that included the winning of the 2006 Derby. Ask anyone who has watched Bill Hartack or Eddie Arcaro, the two winningest Derby jockeys, lead in their steeds to the finish line whether or not history is made on race day.

And whoever heard of betting on a horse with 91 to 1 odds? Back in 1913, Donerail achieved and still holds the record for the longest-long shot—and then won!

The Exciting and Fun World of Sports Betting

Betting on sports can be very fun, but it can also be risky. Betting too much on something you don't know anything about can lead to your wallet empty. It is very important as a responsible gambler to take the time and research what you are going to gamble on before you do anything.

What is Popular to Gamble On?

There are several sports that are very popular to gamble on. Some of the sports people gamble on are live events. Live events require tickets parking and generally most like to give themselves something to eat. This can cost quite a bit money and also if you plan on gambling you can either win some or lose some. There are also other ways to gamble. Online sports betting sites have become very popular in the last few years. Most people enjoy online betting because they don't have to leave their home. By staying at home people can save a lot of money and time and still be able to gamble. Sounds like a pretty good deal for those of us that are bargain hunters.


Anytime someone is betting on sports it can be very exciting. You want to win you made the right choice and the payout is huge. It is very important that you make sure you are using the correct online casino and you all the information you need, so that your bets are the right choice. A another cool thing about using an online casino is you can make friends that are very knowledgeable about placing bets online. Any time you have the chance to listen to or view or read a review of the site, it is very important you take the time, because these people have played the game, know the site, and have won some or lost some. You can visit review sites like bookmaker review or 5dimes review to learn more as well.

Good luck gambling.

Get Away From It All on Your Virginia Beach Vacation

Virginia Beach is a great way to spend time with your friends and family while on vacation. Not only is there great places to eat, but the beach is a wonderful vacation spot to enjoy with loved ones.

Figuring Out What To Take On Your Beach Vacation

You should always be sure you pack away some swimwear for the family. Enjoying the beach is part of the vacation. If you don’t have swimwear, then heading to a department store is a must. You can find both men’s board shorts and swimwear for the kids at a great price.

The Day Of Take Off Be Prepared

This day is going to be a bit hectic, because you and your family are getting ready to take off. Be sure you stay calm, and stick with your checklist to help guide you. The list can be what keeps you from forgetting everything. Once you are packed up and ready to go, then get ready to head out.

Once you land in Virginia Beach, get ready to have a great time on your vacation. This is a wonderful time to enjoy yourself and your family.

Virginia’s Beer Scene

Virginia is a great place to visit all year long thanks to the rich history that the state has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you plan on visiting Berry Hill or Fort Monroe, there is always something to see and do in Virginia.

For those people who love drinking beer, you could just grab a Bud. But Virginia is an excellent place to visit because there are dozens of breweries and microbreweries in the state that offer hours of beer drinking enjoyment for the casual beer fan or beer connoisseur.


The best brewery to visit while vacationing or passing through Charlottesville is Star Hill Brewery. This brewery was started by Mark Thompson, a master brewer who learned the art of craft brewing from other master brewers and then he decided to go out on his own and open up Star Hill in the mid 1990’s to satisfy the growing demand for craft breweries and just overall good beer. Since it was launched, Star Hill has become a favorite destination of beer lovers in Charlottesville and people from all over Virginia who don’t want to miss out on a great beer destination.


Another great destination for beer lovers who are “in the know” is Blue and Gray Brewing Company. This brewery features four awesome beers: Falmouth American Pal Ale, Fred Red Ale, Blue and Gray Classic Lager and Stonewall Stout. This brewer offers free tastings during the week and also a delicious menu items that compliment all of the beers that are on tap.


Named after the famous third century Roman solider, St. George brewery offers a variety of beers like: Golden Ale, English IPA, Porter, Nut Brown Ale, Pilsner, Spring Lager and Summer Ale. St. George offers delicious beer for excellent prices. This brewery should be a must visit destination for any beer lover.


One of the great destinations for tasting a new beer or stopping for a bite to eat is Hops Grill Brewery. This brewery offers great beers on tap like Lighting Bold Gold, Alligator Ale and Clearwater light. Besides great beer, they also offer excellent food and a great environment for hanging out with family and friends.